Ship stable software faster with our automated end-to-end testing solution 

Design & run automated end-to-end tests for your Web, Mobile and API apps with MuukTest’s plug-and-play testing solution. Because setting up and managing your testing shouldn’t come at the cost of actually testing your product.

Every automated end-to-end test comes at a cost

You must set up and manage several tools to
perform end-to-end testing—only for dedicated
engineers to script & maintain your tests forever.

MuukTest lets you skip all this with a unified E2E
testing tool that doesn’t feel like a chore to use.

Now everyone on your team can automate and
execute codeless end-to-end tests that self-heal,
allowing for low-effort and low-maintenance QA.

Get up to six hours of hands-on QA assistance every month. You can always count on MuukTest engineers for all end-to-end testing challenges you may face.

MuukTest runs on open-source frameworks like Selenium, Playwright and Appium in the backend. So you can always part ways with test scripts compatible with these frameworks.


With MuukTest, we didn’t need to hire a new software engineer to test; we were able to design and automate 100s of tests from the first month, creating visibility in the quality of our software.


Manny Garcia

CTO at TravelWifi

Automate your tests without writing any code

Coding end-to-end tests with conventional automated testing tools create a barrier to expanding your test coverage.

MuukTest lets you automate tests just by replicating user flows across your app. Our browser-based extension does the rest and turns them into reliable tests.

Despite being codeless, our tests are designed to be resilient to most browser quirks, dynamic objects and timing issues.

Run end-to-end tests for release candidates

Execute your end-to-end tests over the MuukTest cloud to
ensure your product works as expected before you push it
to production.

MuukTest becomes integral to your development and testing process by plugging right into your CI/CD pipeline.

So you devs can run E2E tests for every release candidate
and deliver a flawless end-user experience every time.

When you’re not taxed for running tests in parallel, you can test as often as you like

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Continuous Testing

Shift left and test early in your software development lifecycle to mitigate dreadful technical debt later.

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Uncapped Test Runs

Test as often as you like with unlimited test executions on MuukTest’s blazing-fast cloud infrastructure.

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Parallel Executions

Run your end-to-end tests across multiple execution streams in parallel to get results in minutes, not days.

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Cross-Browser Tests

Run tests across Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge out-of-the-box or go further with device farms.

Fully managed end-to-end testing for fast-paced development teams

While automated end-to-end tests are a great way to test your application, thorough end-to-end coverage doesn’t come easy.

You must design new tests and debug or retire obsolete ones to keep your testing effective. Or else bugs sneak into production, hurt your product experience and make refactoring expensive.

After all, automated tests are only as good as the people managing them. Therefore, our QA experts get you to 95% end-to-end coverage within 3 months and help you stay there while you focus on your product.

MuukTest works with the tools you do

Test across different browsers, devices and test environments—from within your CI pipeline, MuukTest account or on an automatic schedule.







Azure DevOps










MuukTest sped up our QA process by 5x while making it completely autonomous once we hooked it up to our CI/CD pipeline. All this while making maintenance and creation of new tests really easy


 Andres Paez

CTO at Casai

Automated end-to-end testing for your Web, Mobile and API apps

Consolidate end-to-end tests for your Web, Mobile and API apps under a single dashboard.

As long as your application is accessible through a browser or an API, MuukTest lets you automate and execute end-to-end tests for it.

End-to-end testing for web apps

MuukTest helps you automate end-to-end tests for your web apps. By covering key user workflows and interactions, you can ensure your web apps work as your users expect them to work.

End-to-end testing for mobile apps

MuukTest helps you automate end-to-end tests for your native, hybrid and mobile web apps. By covering different browsers and devices, you can ensure a consistent user experience across your mobile apps.

End-to-end testing for APIs

MuukTest helps you automate end-to-end tests for APIs at two levels. By making API calls as part of your UI tests and then running API-focused end-to-end tests, you can ensure your APIs work as expected.

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have any other queries, feel free to contact us at

Is end-to-end testing the same as regression testing?

End-to-end testing is a type of functional testing that ensures your application does what it is supposed to do from an end-user’s perspective. End-to-end tests cover user workflows and interactions across your app from start to finish, that is, from one end to the other. It is usually performed after integration testing in production or production-like environments.


Regression testing, on the other hand, involves executing previously run tests to ensure that software updates don’t break your existing functionality.


The main difference between the two is the purpose and focus of each type of testing. Quite often, they are fused meaningfully for testing software thoroughly.

What’s an example of end-to-end testing?

For example, a critical user workflow for an email client would involve logging in, clicking the “Compose” button, entering the necessary details, and sending the email. An end-to-end test will simulate this entire journey and verify whether the email was sent successfully.

How can we automate end-to-end tests in MuukTest?

Test case preparation with MuukTest is as easy as replicating user interactions across your app. Our browser-based extension does the rest and turns them into executable tests.

How can we execute end-to-end tests in MuukTest?

There are multiple ways to do so. You can trigger end-to-end tests from within your CI pipeline, MuukTest account, or on an automatic schedule.

Ensure software quality at record speeds without the usual overhead

Ensure software quality at record speeds
without the usual overhead