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Software Testing Case Study: How Wizeline Sped up Test Creation and Test Automation

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Wizeline is a global technology company based in San Francisco that provides innovative software solutions with distributed teams in Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, Spain, and Australia. Wizeline used MuukTest to create and automate tests and found that test design time is minimal and automation time is at least 10x faster than other available tools.

“ MuukTest can add extra value on web projects with short timelines. It may also help with some projects that lack a QA Engineer as it doesn’t require much time to create and maintain test scripts with MuukTest.”

Enrique De Coss Mart, Wizeline’s Software QA Engineer

Product used for Software Testing Case Study

Wizeline designed and automated tests for an internal web application called ‘Foodie’. Foodie is an application that manages daily cafeteria menus for Wizeline employees. The application was developed in Javascript and Graphql. Before MuukTest, the testing of the application was mainly done manually and needed to be automated. The main challenge was that the application changed every week, and test design and automation had to be faster.

How MuukTest Performed

Wizeline is an expert in test automation and uses a set of different tools depending on the use case. Wizeline compared MuukTest against other available tools and ultimately selected MuukTest for its speed and ease of use. See the table below for details.

Key ObjectiveMuukTestOther Tools
Test Design TimeLow to nullHigh amount of time
Test Script Creation~2 minutes per TS<20 minutes per TS
Test Script MaintenanceAutomatic~20 minutes per TS
Business Tests Scripts CoverageLow amount of timeHigh amount of time
Atomic Test ReadinessYesPartially
Test Scripts Created10~156~10

Benefits & Outcomes

The primary advantage of MuukTest for Wizeline was the ability to quickly and easily design tests. Improved test creation is nearly 10x faster than competitors.

“Using MuukTest as a primary tool for automation testing saved much time creating new test scripts. The tool itself creates many variations using testing techniques. It is a nice feature running on the cloud and avoiding additional configuration (as well as being able to be run locally). MuukTest is ready for continuous testing using different CI (such as Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis, Ansible). Maintenance test scripting is a great tool because it identifies changes in the application and recommends updates that reduce time on automation maintenance.”

Enrique De Coss Mart, Wizeline’s Software QA Engineer

Next Steps

Wizeline will continue working with MuukTest in internal projects with short timelines that require fast automation with the goal of perfecting MuukTest for this use case.

Appendix A – This table shows a comparison of MuukTest vs. the most used tools

Feature TitleMuukTestTestCafe
Record and PlayYesYesYesNoNo
Multiple ProjectsYesYesYesYesYes
Collaboration ToolsYesYesYesYesYes
Reporting & StatisticYesYesYesYes*Yes
Third-Party IntegrationYesYesYesYesYes
Conditional LogicNoYesYesYesYes
Smart SelectorsYesYesYesNoNo
On-Demand RecordingsYesYesYesNoYes
Testing Techniques/DesignYesNoNoNoNo
Cross-Browser TestNoYesNoYes*No
Visual DifferentiationNoYes*NoNoYes
Cloud ExecutionYesNoYesNoNo
Technical Expertise RequiredNoNoNoYesYes
*Installing external tools, packages
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Are you ready to test 20X faster?

We’ll create a free MuukTest account for you!