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Why Choose MuukTest?


Increase release velocity and identify critical bugs before they reach your customers. Extend your team’s capabilities and enable anyone to test and automate at a high level.

MuukTest Platform:
All the testing apps you need to ship fast and increase coverage. Integrate easily in your existing Continuous Integration and Delivery workflow.

Fast Test Authoring

Quickly design and automate in Selenium – no coding required- any creative test scenario you want

Super Data Driven

Maximize and tailor your test scenarios with your own data or our proprietary data generator – dozens of high quality (and automated) tests in seconds!

Smart Reporting

Just in seconds generate shareable execution reports in different formats or export them; by the way, execution videos and screenshots are included.

Smart Test Coverage

Just with a click and in seconds expand your existing test coverage automatically to cover
dozens of corner cases (e.g. error guessing, combinatorial analysis, etc) – all of them automated in Selenium.

Smart Test Maintenance

Worried about tests breaking? – MuukTest automatically finds the best way to fix them for you

MuukTest: ship fast with full, automated test coverage

    • We did a case study with a leading software testing services company – they tested a SaaS software
    • Using their regular methods they designed and automated 288 test cases in 216 hours
    • Then they used MuukTest: in just 6.85 hours they were able to have the same test coverage and 841 automated test cases!
    • MuukTest will make you 20x faster!

Amplification of your Talent

Amplification of your Talent

Based on your base test scenarios, MuukTest automatically designs and automates dozens of corner cases you need to test

Autonomous Reporting

Autonomous Reporting

Seamlessly export execution and defect reports in documents or to other platforms

Instantaneous Automation

Instantaneous Automation

Every test is automatically coded in Selenium for your use in any testing environment at any time

More Defects

More Defects

Find more bugs by expanding your test coverage by applying testing techniques on your base test scenarios and create corner cases

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