MuukTest vs QA Wolf [2023 Review]

Feature comparison MuukTest QA Wolf
Effortless low-code software
DIY option
Mobile testing
First 20 automated tests
Week 2 of POC
Delivery speed - Time to 600 automated test cases
3 months
6+ months
Yearly price for 600 test cases
$65,000 or more
Money-back POC

How does MuukTest compare to QA Wolf?

Test Automation Platform Powered by AI

The MuukTest platform incorporates frameworks like Selenium, Playwright, and Appium with its proprietary AI features such as self-healing, automatic waits, smart locators, and more under the hood.

MuukTest QA experts design, manage, and maintain your end-to-end tests on the MuukTest platform so you can focus on your product.

Web, Mobile, and API supported

MuukTest can test any application that operates within a web browser. Additionally, we provide support for both native and hybrid mobile apps, along with comprehensive API testing.

Dedicated QA Expert

Benefit from having a dedicated project manager and a QA expert who are just a message away on Slack. Enjoy the convenience of weekly calls to ensure everything stays on track.

Proof of Concept with Money-Back Warranty

During the four-week Proof of Concept (POC) phase, we conduct a detailed evaluation of your test coverage, develop a comprehensive testing strategy, and initiate the automation of critical test cases. We guarantee a full refund if we fail to achieve our mutually agreed-upon objectives.

The MuukTest POC package includes a meticulously crafted testing plan by one of our experienced QA Experts, a comprehensive test coverage analysis, up to 30 automated tests (selected by you), weekly status check-ins, and daily and weekly status reports.

95% Test Coverage in 3 Months

Medium-sized applications typically require up to 600 test cases to attain 95% test coverage. The MuukTest team, comprised of QA experts and powered by our test automation platform, can automate this volume of test cases within 3 months. We emphasize prioritizing the critical functionality of your application during this process.

Use the MuukTest Platform on Your Own

Once we’ve helped you attain 95% test coverage, you have the option to manage your end-to-end testing on the MuukTest platform independently. Additionally, we will continue to offer you up to 6 hours of hands-on QA assistance every month.

Fixed Monthly Price

With MuukTest, you’ll always enjoy a consistent monthly rate determined by the number of tests we design, manage, and maintain for you. Our plans encompass everything you need:

  • A dedicated QA expert
  • A 3-month ramp-up to achieve comprehensive coverage
  • Unlimited test executions & maintenance
  • Support for 3 parallel test runs
  • Compatibility with Chrome, Firefox, iOS, Android


Fast-growing companies choose us as their long-term QA partner, gaining access to our industry-leading QA automation software at a cost that’s typically less than 10% of what it would take to build an in-house team.

Frequently asked questions

What if we already have in-house QAs?

If you already have in-house QAs, we help them expand coverage fast while they can focus on other high-value activities like branch coverage and user acceptance.

Do we need to hire or train someone on our team?

No, there’s no need for you to hire or train anyone. MuukTest’s team of QA experts will handle the design, management, and maintenance of your end-to-end tests on our testing platform.

How much time will take from my team?

We only need 2 hours of soft commitment from you per week. MuukTest is easy to get started and effortless to maintain.

Who manages the testing infrastructure?

We do! Your tests are deployed and executed through the MuukTest cloud. Plus, you won’t have to worry about handling any frameworks, libraries, plugins, or drivers.

Do I have to commit to a 1-year contract from the beginning?

You have the option to begin with a four-week Proof of Concept (POC). Many companies opt for a yearly contract after we successfully meet our jointly established goals during this phase. This allows us to oversee their test suite while they benefit from having us as their trusted QA partner.

How does the MuukTest testing platform work?

MuukTest integrates frameworks like Selenium, Playwright, and Appium with its proprietary AI features, including self-healing, automatic waits, and smart locators, all under the hood.

What tools does the MuukTest integrate with?

We seamlessly integrate with all your development tools. You can run tests across your entire development lifecycle in various environments, browsers, and devices—either through your CI and DevOps tools or on a predefined automatic schedule.

Ensure software quality at record speeds without the usual overhead

Ensure software quality at record speeds
without the usual overhead