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Take Automation Testing Off Your Plate

Learn how MuukTest delivers:

  • Better test coverage: get to 95% test coverage in a matter of months, core tests within 30 days
  • Faster releases: integrate directly into your CI/CD process, run tests in minutes with a fully-managed infrastructure
  • Lower costs: usage-based pricing scales with you as you grow, no setup fees, all at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself

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Automation testing is difficult, we make it easy

Doing test automation well requires significant time and effort that, unfortunately, many teams don't have. As a result, most are stuck with long release cycles, ad hoc manual testing or bugs creeping into production.

Combining our own software, expert staff, and cloud infrastructure, MuukTest takes test automation off your plate. The result? Better coverage and faster releases at a cost just not possible with other approaches.


Get to 95% test coverage and stay there as you grow

  • QA Concierge works with you to understand your application and build a core test strategy
  • Our software analyzes your user flows and designs happy paths and negative variants
  • System builds resilient end-to-end tests for your web, mobile, and API, handling complex scenarios (dynamic objective, iFrames, etc.)
  • We automatically create new tests and variants as your application expands
  • Broken or outdated tests are fixed automatically with self-healing and smart locators


Integrate seamlessly into your existing CI/CD and test workflow

  • Integrate into existing CI/CD tooling (e.g., CircleCI, github actions, etc)
  • Triage & re-run failures to confirm a bug, adjust the test, or flag further triage
  • Receive detailed bug reports - reproduction, error logs, and recordings - in Jira, Slack
  • Execute test suite in minutes with fully managed infrastructure
  • Run your test suite as frequently as needed, pay by the managed test, not the run


Pay-as-you-go pricing that scales with you as you grow

  • Fully managed test infrastructure, no setup, we handle everything
  • Cover core tests in the first 30 days or your money back
  • Pay by the test designed, not by the run, test as much as you want
  • Test are built in common tools and languages, so no lock-in
  • All at a fraction of the cost of a QA engineer

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