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Customer Stories

We obsess on customer outcomes. Test coverage, defects found, and test suite runtime are just a few of the metrics we're watching all the time. 



From a Stressed Out QA Team to 100% Coverage in Just 90 Days

See how MuukTest helped SymTrain full automate their test suite across a complex web of microservices and an ever-expanding userbase.
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From Skepticism to True Believers: Spiffy's Road to Excellence with MuukTest

See how Spiffy got control of their rapid growth by implementing hundreds of automated tests in just 90 days with MuukTest.
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A Non-Profit's Gateway to Efficient QA and Massive Time Savings with MuukTest

Learn how Counter Tools went from 40 hours a week of manual tests to automating hundreds of tests in just a few minutes.
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Slope increased coverage and reducing test execution by 80% with MuukTest

See how MuukTest helped Slope create a bespoke suite of 200 automated tests and reduce runtime from half a day to 75 minutes, all in just 90 days.
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Bottlenecks to Breakthroughs: MuukTest's Impact on Pienso's QA Efficiency

See how Pienso achieved 85% test coverage in just a few months.
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Managing extreme test complexity with Grower

Learn how MuukTest was able to handle tests spanning thousands of steps to bring Grower’s test suite to test automation.
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The Wall of Love

Here's a quick selection of a few of our reviews from across the web.

"Allows us to focus on what really matters, our product"

Verified Reviewer
Small Business Customer

"Great alternative to in-house QA automation."

Taylor P.
CTO, Small Business

"MuukTest delivered full test coverage in three months."

Mathew H.
Small Business

"MuukTest is a valuable partner to turbocharge your test automation."

Noah H.
Small Business

"...incredibly easy to engage with, they are very knowledgeable and responsive, and their pricing was very competitive. Their Pilot program made it easy to evaluate them with little risk."

Dylan D.
Small business

"10/10...great about communicating and asking questions if there is uncertainty in the expected outcome of a bug or feature."

Verified User