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95% automated test coverage in 90 days

Save 80% vs. traditional test automation costs while maintaining complete test coverage.

  • More Coverage: QA experts guide your strategy, use our AI-powered software to rapidly create and maintain tests
  • Faster Releases: integrate seamlessly into your release process, receive detailed bug reports in minutes.
  • Lower Costs: pay-as-you-go pricing scales with you as you grow and your product expands, risk free 30-day trial

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"MuukTest helps move the product along faster. Working on the regression projections ensures our product is stable. I think the value is just peace of mind."


Taylor Perkins
CTO and Co-founder


“MuukTest delivered exactly what they said they would deliver. This gave me a higher level of confidence in the test coverage and my software.”

Ernie Hudson
Director of Product


"MuukTest found things that we didn't know were even a problem in the product, which is huge for us. I'd rather MuukTest find something than a customer."

Wendy Murry


Traditional QA automation slows you down

Managing infrastructure, writing tests, and keeping up with changes as your product grows all create overhead that most teams can't afford. As a result, you end up suffering from:

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Low test coverage

You're only able to cover a low percentage of the total tests needed for your product; as a result, bugs that should've been caught creep in.

Group 50

Long release times

When it's time to release your product engineers are pulled into testing new features and seeing if old ones break. It's manual, cumbersome, and ad hoc.

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Increasing Costs

As your development team grows so does your QA staff (and costs!) because they need to write even more tests to keep up as the product expands. 


MuukTest takes test automation off your plate

The answer isn't just buying more software. Combining our own software, expert staff, and world-class cloud infrastructure, MuukTest helps you reach (and stay at) 95% test coverage and drive faster releases at costs that's not possible with other approaches.


Get to 95% test coverage and stay there as you grow

  • QA Concierge works with you to understand your application and build a core test strategy
  • Our software analyzes your user flows and designs happy paths and negative variants
  • System builds resilient end-to-end tests for your web, mobile, and API, handling complex scenarios (dynamic objective, iFrames, etc.)
  • We automatically create new tests and variants as your application expands
  • Broken or outdated tests are fixed automatically with self-healing and smart locators


Integrate seamlessly into your existing CI/CD and test workflow

  • Integrate into existing CI/CD tooling (e.g., CircleCI, github actions, etc)
  • Triage & re-run failures to confirm a bug, adjust the test, or flag further triage
  • Receive detailed bug reports - reproduction, error logs, and recordings - in Jira, Slack
  • Execute test suite in minutes with fully managed infrastructure
  • Run your test suite as frequently as needed, pay by the managed test, not the run


Pay-as-you-go pricing that scales with you as you grow

  • Fully managed test infrastructure, no setup, we handle everything
  • Cover core tests in the first 30 days or your money back
  • Pay by the test designed, not by the run, test as much as you want
  • Test are built in common tools and languages, so no lock-in
  • All at a fraction of the cost of a QA engineer

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of testing do you support?

MuukTest supports automated end-to-end, regression and cross-browser testing for Web, Mobile and API apps.

Do I have to hire a QA to manage MuukTest?

No. When starting with MuukTest, all our customers go through a 3-month boot camp in which our QA Experts get you to 95% test coverage on the MuukTest platform. All this while sharing their know-how of end-to-end testing with you—so you can run yours too. At that point, you can continue to let us handle your QA or you can choose to use our platform on your own.


Who manages the test infrastructure?

We do. We deploy & execute your tests over MuukTest’s cloud (AWS). You get unlimited test executions with the ability to run them across multiple execution streams in parallel. Further, there are no testing frameworks, libraries, plugins or drivers for you to manage.

Can I migrate away with my tests if I leave MuukTest?

Yes. You can. You are never locked in with us. All your test scripts are yours to keep and use. MuukTest’s automation testing platform uses open-source frameworks like Selenium, Playwright and Appium to automate your tests in the backend. So you can always migrate away with test scripts compatible with these testing frameworks.

Which test scripting and frameworks do you use?

MuukTest automatically converts user actions into test scripts that can run on test automation frameworks like Selenium, Playwright, and Appium. While you don’t have to write any code, our backend relies on programming languages such as Java and scripting languages such as JavaScript to automate & execute your tests.



Do you just offshore this work to cheaper oveseas labor?

No. The reason we're able to offer the types of test coverage and maintenance we offer is because we've built our own proprietary software platform that allows our QA engineers to move VERY fast. Because of this we're able to build and maintain your tests very quickly and with high quality, and pass on that time savings to you!

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