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MuukTest Case Study: Accelerating Regression Testing for Courtroom5

Author: The MuukTest Team

Last updated: July 15, 2024

test automation case study
Table of Contents

The Company

Courtroom5 is a DIY web platform for civil litigation which provides educational information and technical documents that enable individuals to represent themselves in court. Users can access a library of document templates, searchable case law, analysis of claims, and defenses—everything they need to navigate a system designed for lawyers.


The Challenge

Speed is critical for growing companies. Thankfully, Courtroom5’s application is growing quickly. With frequent updates to the application, Courtroom5 required a complete regression test suite to ensure these updates integrate with the application and continue to guarantee an excellent customer experience. Courtroom5 needed to automate 250 test cases from their most critical user stories in less than 4 weeks. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and limited automation experience on the Courtroom5 QA team, this regression test suite was not successfully created in time.


The Solution

MuukTest helped Courtroom5 automate 250 test cases in just 60 hours. Since Muuktest is an effortless test automation platform, MuukTest engineers began to automate critical Courtroom5 flows from day one. These automated test cases were executed daily on the MuukTest platform using diverse schedules created to cover specific functionalities of the application. In addition, Courtroom5 received daily notifications about the results of the scheduled executions, allowing Courtroom5 to identify problems with the software quickly. 

Using an average of four test cases in an eight-hour workday by a QA automation expert, MuukTest saved around 400 hours of work in this project.

  Test Cases Hours MuukTest Added Value
MuukTest QA Expert 250 62.5 87.5% faster
QA Automation Engineer 250 500


The Result

MuukTest created 250 test cases in just 60 hours. Now, Courtroom5 has a complete regression test suite without learning and maintaining a test automation framework. Courtroom5 is now able to continue delivering updates to its application with the confidence of having a robust suite of automated test cases covering all critical workflows of its application. 

The regression test suite has run for a few months now, and the passing rate is above 90%. Below, we can see some data from the last 15 days. The test suite enabled Courtroom5 to find five defects their customers otherwise would have found.


test automation case study


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