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In-house QA team

muuktest vs hiring qas

MuukTest vs. Hiring QAs: Which Choice Is Right for You?

We’ve talked to hundreds of startups and can confidently report that nobody is excited to build up an army of QAs to test their software.

new engineering manager

What New Engineering Managers Need to Have in Mind to Ensure Success

First of all, congratulations on landing this new role of a Manager! There’s so much to bring from your previous experiences as well as learn from this new position. Before we deep dive into the...

embrace automation

Quality is Everyone’s Job: How to Get Your Dev Team to Embrace Automation

In an attempt to maximize efficiency, many organizations are asking Developers to contribute more to the testing effort, blurring the lines of responsibility between “Development” and “QA”. After...

freelance software testers

The Challenges of Hiring Freelance Software Testers

The fast pace of invention and development in the modern technological world is unparalleled, with new technologies constantly developing and appearing. Variables such as improved computer...

in house qa teams

How In-house QA Teams Can Work With Outsourced Testing Services

How can In-house QA teams work alongside freelancers or outsourced testing services? Is there a chance that there will be resentment, confusion, or just an overlap of work? In this blog we’ll look at...

reviewing requirements

Best Practices QA Managers Should Implement When Reviewing Requirements

Successful projects are built on the foundation of precise requirements and the ability of teams to interpret, analyze, and review requirement documents. There are many customers who find it...

QA Managers

How QA Managers Can Be Relevant in Modern Testing Times

Agile has become the standard for many companies in the past few years. As a result, the job requirements of QA managers became more demanding. Although the traditional roles are gone, managers still...

test automation team

Managing Test Automation in a Growing QA Team 

Test automation is one discipline every QA team should practice and use productively. While automated checks are the tester’s companion, they extend support in reducing time spent on cumbersome,...

tester skills

10 Essential Software & QA Tester Skills In Demand

The spectrum of tech startups is wider than ever in today’s ever-changing, globalized IT industry. But while tech companies come in all shapes and sizes, they still have one thing in common – they...

How to Build an Effective Remote QA Team? 

How to Build an Effective Remote QA Team? 

One thing that COVID evidently changed forever is the way we work; remote and virtual teams are the new normal. COVID certainly pushed the Medicine practitioners to an edge, but also HR teams and...