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Software Quality

Engineering Managers Guide to Releases

Engineering Manager's Guide to Releases: Success Through Preparation

Welcome back to another interesting blog. Whether you are a new Engineering manager, or aspiring to be one, this blog could be helpful to you.

increase customer satisfaction

How Testing Can Increase Customer Satisfaction and Avoid Reputational Slips

A key question companies ask themselves is how to increase customer satisfaction. It’s not just about releasing new features and updates but also avoiding bugs. Customers are unforgiving when it...

embrace automation

Quality is Everyone’s Job: How to Get Your Dev Team to Embrace Automation

In an attempt to maximize efficiency, many organizations are asking Developers to contribute more to the testing effort, blurring the lines of responsibility between “Development” and “QA”. After...

qa metrics

QA Metrics: Beyond Defect Discovery

In the world of software development, the quality of a product is of utmost importance. Quality Assurance (QA) is a critical aspect of software development that ensures the final product meets the...

software quality with user feedback

Enhancing Software Quality: Harnessing the Power of User Feedback

The work of Jerry Weinberg cannot be ignored when speaking of quality. Jerry defined quality as value to someone who matters. When he said who matters, he meant the customer or end user. It’s...

what causes poor software quality

What Bad Practices are Sinking your Software Quality?

You’ll have a difficult time finding people and companies who disregard software quality. QA is fundamental to every product’s success. Even so, why do we see so many buggy products, delayed...

qa checklist

The Anatomy of a Software Quality Assurance (QA) Checklist

QA in software has some fundamental basics, but it can often involve some subjective measurements too. Added to this is the fact that it can get complicated and tricky to schedule and implement QA...

quality assurance metrics

Top 3 Software Quality Assurance Metrics you Should Focus On

The tech industry is becoming more competitive. With faster release times, more complex software, and increasing quality standards, it’s no wonder that retention rate benchmarks are so hard to reach.

impact of poor software quality

What Happens When Testing Goes Wrong? The Impact of Poor Software Quality

Any testing process is fundamentally an information-gathering and learning process. As a stakeholder in the product, testing permits you to obtain early feedback about the system to make informed...

5 Software Quality Assurance Trends & Best Practices

5 Software Quality Assurance Trends & Best Practices

Software development markets demand faster, bigger, and more accurate software all the time. In most industries, these three elements represent a zero-sum game, whereby increases to one detract from...