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Testing Types & Techniques (2)

automated regression testing

Automated Regression Testing: What It Is and How to Do It

Regression testing ensures that your application continues to work as designed after any new fixes or updates. These days, most software changes are made in response to user feedback or a change in...

automated fuctional testing

Unlocking the Power of Automated Functional Testing

Automated functional testing can help increase the accuracy and speed of your software testing efforts. This article will discuss what automated functional testing is, why it’s important to automate...

non-functional testing

Non-Functional Testing Explained

Non-functional testing is just as critical as functional testing. When testing software, testers are required to perform both functional and non-functional testing with equal weightage. To understand...

white box testing

6 White Box Testing Techniques to Ensure Quality

Testing the software at different levels helps us deliver quality software. White Box Testing is the stage where we check if the software meets our requirements.

interface testing

Interface Testing Demystified: Importance and Best Practices

Every website or software has various systems, such as APIs and web services. These systems need to communicate flawlessly for the software or website to be functional. An interface is a point of...

scripted testing

Scripted Testing vs. Exploratory Testing: Choosing Wisely

The software industry has seen exponential growth in the past few years. As a result, the number of released apps and programs increases daily. As a result, the quality of these programs has become a...

differences between smoke and sanity testing

Key Differences Between Smoke and Sanity Testing

Some time ago, university software engineering teachers showed the traditional test phases using the waterfall process: the sequential line of unit test (UT), functional verification test (FVT),...

what is regression testing

Regression Testing: Definition and Implementation

In this article, we’ll be discussing what regression testing is, why it’s helpful, and how to do it. Regression testing tells us how unchanged or old features will be affected when adding a feature,...

qa functional testing

QA Functional Testing in the Era of Codeless Testing

In Agile/DevOps, as new products emerge, new companies appear, and new features are delivered faster. Regular testing is essential, but it requires several steps, consuming much time needed for...