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Accelerating Regression Testing with MuukTest: A TravelWifi Case Study

Author: The MuukTest Team

Last updated: May 29, 2024

Regression Testing with MuukTest case study TravelWifi
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The Company

TravelWifi is innovating in the travel industry by providing its customers with tools to stay connected anywhere. Their solutions catalog includes tickets, accessories, SIM cards, data plans, and WIFI hotspots.

The vision of TravelWifi is to provide its customers with a more incredible travel experience by simplifying the challenges of travel necessities so they can focus on exploring the world to its fullest potential.



The Challenge

TravelWifi needed a robust regression test suite to ensure its software updates were not crashing the application and guarantee an outstanding customer experience. Unfortunately, due to the lack of time, resources, and skills, the TravelWifi team couldn’t create this regression suite.



The Solution

MuukTest helped TravelWifi create a regression suite of approximately 452 Test Cases in 113 hours. The MuukTest QA experts started designing and automating critical TravelWifi flows from day one. These automated test cases are executed daily on the MuukTest platform, allowing TravelWifi to immediately identify problems with their software. 

Considering a scenario where a QA automation engineer using Selenium designs an average of 32 test cases per day (8 hours) and automates 4 test cases per day (8 hours), MuukTest helped save around 687 hours of work in this project.

  Test Cases Environment Setup (hrs) Design and automation (hrs) MuukTest Added Value
MukkTest QA Expert 452 0 113 743% faster
QA Automation Engineer 452 40 800
Testing scenario



The Result

MuukTest designed and automated 452 test cases in 113 hours. Now, TravelWifi has a complete regression test suite without exposing its team to a learning curve and investing maintenance time in a test automation framework. In addition, TravelWifi can now continue delivering updates to its application with the confidence of having a robust suite of automated test cases covering all critical workflows of its application. 

MuukTest has helped TravelWifi find 12 critical defects in the software, preventing these issues from being discovered by TravelWifi’s customers. 

The following chart shows the number of test cases created by the hour.

TravelWifi Case Study test cases by the hour

The test cases are executed daily using the MuukTest scheduling. At this point, we have reached more than 5,754 executions that helped find those 12 critical defects in the software.