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Ship ASAP to market, with the best features and quality, at the lower cost (95% less!). Identify the most important defects before getting to the customer.

Reduce technical debt and deliver on time, getting more satisfied customers with your quality.

Power Up your QA Team

MuukTest allows every QA engineer in your team to get up to 3X more testing done in less time (20x faster), identifying more critical bugs before the product reaches your customers and increasing release velocity.

Deliver on time and power up your team’s capabilities by enabling them to test and automate at the highest level, expanding coverage instantly.

MuukTest Non-Coding Tools

Ship faster and increase coverage with Muuk testing apps. Easily incorporate them into your current continuous integration and delivery workflow.

Muuk Fast Test Authoring (FTA)

Design and automate in Selenium –no coding required– all the creative test scenarios you need, 20x faster (6.8 hours instead of 136, average).

Muuk Super Data-Driven (SDD)

Maximize and tailor your test scenarios with your data or MuukTest proprietary data generator. Dozens of high quality, automated tests, in seconds (3X more tests).

Muuk Smart Reporting (SR)

Generate shareable execution reports and export them in different formats; execution videos and screenshots included. Done in fewer seconds that you spent reading this.

Muuk Smart Test Coverage (STC)

With just one click expand automatically –in seconds– your existing test coverage to cover dozens of corner cases (e.g. error guessing, combinatorial analysis, etc.), automated in Selenium.

Muuk Smart Test Maintenance (SMT)

Worried about tests breaking? MuukTest automatically finds the best way to fix them for you.

MuukTest: Ship faster with full, automated test coverage

    • MuukTest performed a case study with a leading software testing services company –they tested a SaaS software
    • Using their regular methods, they designed and automated 288 test cases in 216 hours
    • Using MuukTest, they had the same test coverage and 841 automated test cases, in just 6.85 hours
    • MuukTest: 3X more tests • 20X faster • 95% cost optimization.

Power Up Your Talent

Power Up Your Talent

MuukTest automatically designs and automates dozens of corner cases, built on your base test scenarios.

Autonomous Reporting

Autonomous Reporting

MuukTest allows you to generate shareable execution and defect reports, or export them to other platforms.

Instantaneous Automation

Instantaneous Automation

MuukTest automatically codes every test in Selenium. Use in any testing environment, at any time.

Find More Bugs

Find More Bugs

MuukTest expands your test coverage by applying expert software testing techniques to your base test scenarios. Create corner cases and find more bugs.

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