No Experience Necessary

MuukTest is a simple yet powerful system that can be used by anyone, no matter their role or years of engineering background.

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Individual Users

Yep, that is correct. MuukTest is FREE for individual users. But if you’re looking for team or corporate account, we have that too.

Fast & Extremely Easy to Use

Easily create, execute and manage automated tests without the hassle of manual interaction or infrastructure.

Painless Implementation

You’ll be ready to start testing in less than 2-minutes! Simply sign up, install the MuukTest plug-in and you’re ready to run your first test!


Sign Up & Install

Install the MuukTest plug-in and in 60-seconds, you’re ready to start automating.

Set Up & Execute Your Test

With a few clicks, you can have your tests ready to be executed.

Analyze Results & Repeat

Results are ready instantly.

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We’re here to support you and your company which is why we offer free accounts to startups and individual users.

We can help you automate your first 5-10 regression cases. Contact us.

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Boot Camp 4-Weeks

(Get 150+ automated tests in 4 weeks)




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MuukTest is designed to enable you to automate from day 1 regardless of your coding skills. Simply install the MuukTest extension and then you are ready to go. Some of our customers have been able to automate 20x faster than when using platforms like Selenium.

No, MuukTest can be used by anyone in your organization regardless of their test automation skills; augmenting 20x the output of what your current team is testing or automating without the need to hire additional staff.

Sure thing! We have a 24/7 customer service team with friendly humans that can be contacted at any time. You can use MuukTest’s live chat at any time or send us a message by email or slack.

MuukTest integrates with most DevOps and CI/CD providers (e.g. Jenkins, CircleCI, Git actions, Bit bucket, etc) as well as with defect and test management tools like Jira and TestRail. MuukTest has an API that can be used to enable any CI/CD pipeline (FYI: we can help your CI/CD get going!)

MuukTest makes test automation effortless.

Easy documentation & reporting      |       Real-time insights with living documentation       |       Easily incorporated into workflow

Easy documentation & reporting

Real-time insights with living documentation

Easily incorporated into workflow

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