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Test automation just got a lot easier

MuukTest is a test automation service that combines our own AI-powered software with expert QA services to help you run world-class automation testing at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house.


What we do

MuukTest is a test automation service for growing businesses. Combining our own proprietary software, expert QA staff, and cloud infrastructure, MuukTest gives you a solution that takes test automation entirely off your plate. The results?

  • More Coverage: rapid test creation and maintenance gets you to (and keeps you at) 95% test coverage
  • Faster Releases: flexible platform integrates seamlessly into your existing release processes and tooling
  • Lower Costs: pay-as-you-go pricing and no infrastructure build or maintenance lowers your per-test costs as you grow

Customer Stories

See how MuukTest helps startups and growing business improve coverage and accelerate testing at a cost that scales with them as they grow.



Slope increased coverage and reducing test execution by 80% with MuukTest

See how MuukTest helped Slope create a bespoke suite of 200 automated tests and reduce runtime from half a day to 75 minutes, all in just 90 days.
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From Skepticism to True Believers: Spiffy's Road to Excellence with MuukTest

See how Spiffy got control of their rapid growth by implementing hundreds of automated tests in just 90 days with MuukTest.
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A Non-Profit's Gateway to Efficient QA and Massive Time Savings with MuukTest

Learn how Counter Tools went from 40 hours a week of manual tests to automating hundreds of tests in just a few minutes.
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What makes MuukTest
your #1 choice

We aren't your father's outsourcing. Instead, we combine our own proprietary software, deep QA expertise, and cloud infrastructure to deliver world-class test automation for your business.

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Tech + People

We've built our own AI-powered platform to accelerate test creation and maintenance. Our platform is complex and powerful, and because we're building for ourselves we can invest significantly in training and functionality to make our people productive.

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Usage-based pricing

We charge by the maintained test, not by the hour, seat, or person. You don't have to set up any infrastructure, your tests run directly on ours. You only pay for the tests that you maintain and you can run them as often as you like. 

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Expert QA Team

Our Conceirge team members have deep testing experience and spend their days learning different applications, building tests, and executing test strategies. This means they see far more apps than the average automation tester.

See what MuukTest can do for you

Ship with the confidence that your testing is taken care of.