Why Choose MuukTest?


MuukTest is a platform designed for teams that need to test efficiently with minimal effort. It provides a set of AI tools that makes testing your application a task of minutes, instead of days.

MuukTest Platform Tools:
Smart and efficient testing powered by AI… end to end

Smart Scenario Creation

Quickly automate business scenarios without
the need to code.

Smart Blocks and Smart Clones

Multiply your tests with a couple of steps.

Smart AutoTest

Automatically validate the reliability of your application within minutes of signing up.

Smart Test Variations

Automatically expand your test coverage
in minutes using testing techniques
and data variations.

Smart Test Maintenance

Easily identify and update the tests
that were affected after user interface

Smart Import

Import your Selenium scripts and get
value from our platform features
right away.

Smart Execution

Easy integration in your existing development enviroment.

MuukTest Makes Developers More Productive

    • A developer automates 3 test cases on average in a 8 hours work day.
    • Using MuukTest AI powered platform a developer can create at least 80 tests in a working day. This is approximate after lab tests case study figures will be added soon.
    • MuukTest increases developers testing productivity 26x.

Automated Test Design

Automated Test Design

MuukTest automatically designs test for your web application.

Automated Test Creation

Automated Test Creation

MuukTest automatically creates scripts that you can run in any environment.

Automatic Execution

Automatic Execution

MuukTest can execute your tests automatically at specific schedules or every time a new build is created.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration

Designed for continuous integration, MuukTest integrates with the most used CIT tools.

You are in good company

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