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From Stressed Out QA to 100% Coverage in Just 90 Days

See how MuukTest helped SymTrain full automate their test suite across a complex web of microservices and an ever-expanding userbase.


SymTrain's AI-powered training platform faced a critical QA bottleneck: a growing user base, manual testing burden, and complex architecture challenged their existing system. Within 3 months, MuukTest fast-tracked automation of 652 tests, overcame technical hurdles like migrating to Playwright, and designed special audio files to automate tests with unique input.


SymTrain’s platform leverages the power of AI-powered role-play simulations to equip call center trainees with the skills and confidence to navigate even the most challenging customer interactions. However, ensuring the effectiveness of such a nuanced training system demands a robust and adaptable quality assurance (QA) solution. With over 20,000 individuals trained to date and daily user numbers fluctuating between 100 and 12,000, SymTrain required a QA system that could not only assess performance but also evolve alongside its ever-expanding user base.

The Challenge

SymTrain's existing QA infrastructure, while functional, was proving increasingly inadequate to keep up with its growth and evolving needs. Its test suite, comprised of 670 tests of which roughly half were automated, offered a decent foundation. While hoping for 75% automation rate, SymTrain's ultimate vision lay somewhere between the 80 and 90% coverage. 

Their dedicated QA team, burdened with manual testing tasks, was on the verge of morphing into a de facto development team, straining their resources and limiting their ability to focus on strategic quality initiatives. The complexities further escalated with the intricate web of interactions between SymTrain and eight distinct microservices, each demanding meticulous testing. Coupled with a release cycle of new features every two weeks, the QA process threatened to derail its progress.

Implementation and Results

Within the first 90 days, MuukTest automated 652 tests, focusing on SymTrain's core functionality and ensuring smooth, consistent execution. The switch from Selenium to Playwright, a more modern and efficient automation framework, presented unexpected technical hurdles. However, through meticulous research and diligent maintenance, MuukTest’s QA specialists navigated the migration seamlessly, ensuring progress remained uninterrupted. This proactive approach exemplified MuukTest's commitment to adaptability and innovation.  

The automation journey wasn't without its roadblocks, the most prominent being the unique nature of audio input in SymTrain's simulations. Users on the platform will respond to questions, and their responses will be graded on both attitude and accuracy. Replicating this nuanced aspect in an automated test was a challenge. MuukTest's team designed a special audio file that bypassed the user response section entirely, focusing on the surrounding test elements like navigation and UI interaction. This clever workaround allowed them to automate a significant portion of the tests while preserving the core evaluation of user performance for later manual analysis. 

Within 90 days, MuukTest surpassed the initial goal and reached a remarkable 100% test coverage. This achievement was more than just a number; it marked a profound transformation for SymTrain. Their QA team would no longer be bogged down by manual tasks, and could now focus their expertise on strategic initiatives, optimizing the platform and ensuring the highest quality user experience. With Symtrain’s core functionality meticulously tested and automated, MuukTest seamlessly pivoted towards ongoing maintenance and supporting a rapid release cycle.


From the brink of a QA bottleneck, SymTrain achieved 100% test coverage in 3 months. With a robust, adaptable QA system in place, SymTrain's future is brimming with potential. Their QA team, liberated from manual testing, can now focus their expertise on strategic initiatives, refining the platform, and ensuring a seamless user experience for every trainee. The case of SymTrain and MuukTest demonstrates that even the most challenging QA hurdles can be overcome with the right combination of expertise, ingenuity, and unwavering collaboration.

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