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Slope Increased Coverage and Reduced Test Execution Time by 80% with MuukTest



Slope, a revolutionary actuarial software company, was facing challenges with manual QA testing. They partnered with MuukTest on a 90-day journey to automate regression testing. MuukTest's meticulous learning of Slope's intricacies and industry-specific formulas allowed them to create a bespoke suite of 200+ automated tests, reducing execution time from half a day to 75 minutes. This not only ensured flawless accuracy but also freed up Slope's internal QA for deeper exploration, ultimately giving Slope and their clients peace of mind with a highly stable and bug-free product.


For actuaries, whose everyday work involves delicate risk projections and assessments, even the slightest error can have severe consequences. This is where Slope, a revolutionary software empowering actuaries to break with time-consuming financial modeling comes in. With Slope's software, actuaries stop spending hours crunching numbers and can leap straight into analysis, building and running complex models with ease. MuukTest was able to step in as Slope's quality assurance (QA) partner, providing its expertise in automation and testing. 

The Challenge

Before MuukTest, Slope's own QA specialists would manage to do high-level manual testing that would take half a day. This was consuming precious hours and hindering development speed. They needed to have fully automated regression test suites. Yet, achieving this while maintaining budgetary constraints and speedy test execution was a daunting challenge. They needed a nimble, adaptable QA service partner that could deliver flawless results without compromising their freedom via vendor lock-in. This was where MuukTest came in to revolutionize Slope's quality assurance landscape.

Implementation and Results

When MuukTest’s dedicated QA began getting acquainted with Slope’s product and testing suite, they realized that some test maintenance needed to be conducted first.  This initial maintenance served a dual purpose: ensuring stability while offering the MuukTest team a crash course in the complexities of Slope's actuarial world. Slope’s internal QA provided videos and insight into the product to make the process easier. While the interface seemed easy to follow, the product included intricate formulas and industry-specific concepts. Through exploratory testing, MuukTest’s QA was able to get a starting point and understanding of the challenge that lay ahead. This learning curve provided the perspective needed to then design and develop a tailored regression testing plan for Slope.  

"MuukTest helps move the product along faster. Having confidence in our automated testing of the front end allows us to focus on deep testing of the backend calculations to ensure accuracy. I think the value is just peace of mind."

Taylor Perkins, CTO

As Slope's client base demanded pinpoint accuracy, testing the software needed to consider even the slightest deviation in calculations. MuukTest’s dedicated QA immersed themselves in the product's intricacies. This close collaboration allowed MuukTest to craft a bespoke regression testing suite unlike any other. Tests were meticulously designed to cover not just the functionality but also the nuances of Slope's calculations and formulas. This in-depth understanding allowed them to anticipate potential issues and design tests that would catch even the most subtle regressions, ensuring Slope's clients could rely on their results with unwavering confidence.

Within the first 90 days, MuukTest was able to deliver Slope with a robust regression testing suite, meticulously crafted to safeguard the integrity of every release. This included 203 automated tests, covering a vast array of critical functionalities and edge cases. This comprehensive suite now takes 75 minutes (compared to half a day), providing rapid feedback to developers and ensuring timely bug fixes. 

Once the regression suite was fully automated, MuukTest’s value became more apparent. While MuukTest had caught 9 defects before production over the first 90 days, Slope’s internal QA now had more time to be able to do exploratory testing and find bugs, as they didn’t have to spend most of their time testing manually. 


Slope's revolutionary approach to actuarial software demanded a quality assurance partner with the agility and expertise to match. MuukTest's dedicated team was able to transform a manual and time-consuming process into an automated regression suite. MuukTest's commitment to understanding Slope's unique context of actuarial calculations and formulas fostered a bespoke testing suite tailored to catch even the most subtle deviations.

According to Taylor Perkins, Slope’s Co-founder and CTO, "MuukTest helps move the product along faster. Having confidence in our automated testing of the front end allows us to focus on deep testing of the backend calculations to ensure accuracy. I think the value is just peace of mind."

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