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Getting to 75% test coverage in just 30 days



Counter Tools, an organization dedicated to advancing public health through innovative technology solutions, faced a critical challenge in its quality assurance (QA) process. With a small team and limited resources, the manual testing they usually conducted proved time-consuming and was an obstacle to continuous software development. In their pursuit of a solution, they partnered with MuukTest, a test automation solution, to revolutionize their QA approach.


Counter Tools is a non-profit organization dedicated to building and maintaining cutting-edge technology tools aimed at advancing public health. Their tools assist partners in data collection, management, visualization, mapping, and reporting, ultimately empowering communities to become healthier places. In their quest for a solution, Counter Tools discovered MuukTest, a test automation solution that could help automate testing, enhance test coverage, and eliminate the resource constraints associated with manual testing.

The Challenge

Before partnering with MuukTest, Counter Tools grappled with a few key challenges. With a small team and no designated QA professional, testing was a manual, time-consuming task that took over 40 hours per week. As a non-profit organization, Counter Tools lacked the resources for extensive manual QA, especially with ongoing software development and functionality releases. The organization needed an urgent solution for quick bug detection, speedy releases, and preventing issues from cropping up again (regression prevention).

The Solution

After partnering with MuukTest, Counter Tools witnessed a significant evolution in their QA process. MuukTest’s QA specialist diligently explored the intricacies of the application's user flows, leading to the development of precise test cases tailored to Counter Tools' user base.

MuukTest made a significant impact by swiftly identifying 18 bugs in the initial phase and addressing Counter Tools' immediate concerns. Within the first 90 days of engagement, MuukTest covered 50% of the regression testing by designing, automating, and executing 132 tests. The execution time for testing was reduced to only 117 minutes, showcasing MuukTest's commitment to optimizing testing processes.

Following two major updates to the Counter Tools application, MuukTest actively manages 194 automated test cases with ongoing maintenance while also moving towards the objective of automating an additional 60, reaching a total of 254 for full regression. MuukTest and Counter Tools estimate completing full regression testing in the next three months, ensuring a robust and thoroughly tested application. The collaboration continues to evolve, with MuukTest committed to providing ongoing support and adapting to Counter Tools' evolving needs.

“In the proof of concept, MuukTest delivered exactly what they said they would deliver. This gave me a higher level of confidence in the test coverage and my software. ”

Ernie Hudson, Director of Product & Technology in Counter Tools.

According to Counter Tools, MuukTest's intervention has instilled confidence in their application's performance. By preventing post-release malfunctions, MuukTest ensures that Counter Tools can focus on its mission without the fear of unexpected technical setbacks. 


MuukTest's collaboration with Counter Tools exemplifies how a strategic QA solution can alleviate challenges faced by non-profit organizations. By automating tests, proactively identifying bugs, increasing coverage, and responding promptly to updates, MuukTest has become an invaluable partner for Counter Tools, ensuring the reliability and stability of its public health technology tools.

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