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Managing extreme test complexity with GrowerIQ

Learn how MuukTest was able to handle tests spanning thousands of steps to bring GrowerIQ’s test suite to test automation.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of cannabis production and quality management, GrowerIQ stands out as a key player providing complete seed-to-sale management software. However, as the company experienced rapid growth, its QA process faced challenges, leading to the exploration of innovative solutions. This case study delves into how MuukTest transformed GrowerIQ's testing paradigm, enabling them to overcome hurdles and propel their software development lifecycle.


GrowerIQ provides seed-to-sale and quality management software to licensed cannabis producers. Their software tracks every element of the cannabis production and sale timeline on a plant-by-plant basis, ensuring compliance with regulations and facilitating grow environment monitoring. This helps cannabis companies ensure they are producing safe, high-quality products that meet customer expectations. As GrowerIQ expanded its platform, the challenges in maintaining testing standards and addressing technical debt became apparent, prompting the quest for a robust automated testing solution.


GrowerIQ faced a dual challenge: managing the burgeoning platform growth and enhancing its testing infrastructure. With the technical debt accumulating and manual testing becoming a bottleneck, the need for an efficient automated testing solution became imperative. Slower response times, coupled with a large and complex platform, necessitated a strategic approach to ensure the quality of their software releases.

In search of a solution, GrowerIQ considered three options: hiring a dedicated automation expert, having an existing team member allocate a portion of their time to automation testing, or engaging a consultant company. The chosen solution needed to offer effective maintenance, an adequate number of tests in the proof of concept (POC), and seamless integration with Playwright. After evaluating several options, MuukTest emerged as the ideal choice. With a focus on maintenance, a comprehensive proof of concept, and compatibility with Playwright, MuukTest demonstrated its commitment to addressing GrowerIQ's unique challenges.


MuukTest swiftly addressed the complexity of GrowerIQ's testing needs. In the proof of concept, they successfully tackled two tests with a staggering 4600 test steps, demonstrating their prowess in handling intricate testing scenarios. The collaboration extended to the creation of an exhaustive test case covering all stages of the inventory, from seed to sale, encompassing over 1400 steps across various stages of GrowerIQ's app.

MuukTest's implementation uncovered a performance issue in one of the testing environments due to the constant creation of new data, prompting a shift to a more efficient environment. Despite the hurdles, 134 tests have been created, covering 30% of the platform, with an estimated three months to achieve full coverage. Moreover, MuukTest uncovered 17 bugs within the first months, showcasing its effectiveness in identifying and rectifying potential issues.

Currently, MuukTest continues to work closely with GrowerIQ to achieve full regression. The current execution time stands at 37 minutes for 37 end-to-end tests, some with over 1400 steps, reflecting the efficiency and precision brought to the testing process.

The collaboration has been characterized by quick response times, effective communication, and proactive problem-solving. A key team member of GrowerIQ stated, "If our future looks like this, then this is going to be great." This sentiment highlights the strong relationship forged between the teams and why they decided to continue with MuukTest after a successful POC.


MuukTest's partnership with GrowerIQ has not only addressed immediate testing challenges but has positioned the company for future growth and innovation. The case serves as a testament to how strategic automation can transform a complex QA landscape, providing startup CTOs and engineering leaders valuable insights into overcoming testing hurdles in a dynamic and competitive industry.

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