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MuukTest is designed to enable you to automate from day 1 regardless of your coding skills. Simply install the MuukTest extension and then you are ready to go. Some of our customers have been able to automate 20x faster than when using platforms like Selenium.

Not at all, MuukTest scripts are robust. They incorporate best practices and solutions to common problems like dynamic objects and timeouts. MuukTest scripts can also be enhanced with JS snippets and/or Global Variables to achieve whatever you need to achieve in your testing project.

No, MuukTest can be used by anyone in your organization regardless of their test automation skills; augmenting 20x the output of what your current team is testing or automating without the need to hire additional staff.

We are expert testers that have faced painful debugging, so we have created tools to make your life easier. MuukTest videos and snapshots show you exactly what happened during your test execution. Additionally, we gather the most meaningful logs for you and provide insights on the potential reason behind a failed test execution.

There’s 3 main reasons:

  1. Anyone can create robust automation scripts from day 1 with the MuukTest extension
  2. Considerably less time is needed in maintenance for common issues like locators breaking and object handling
  3. Test execution debugging can be done at lightspeed with MuukTest videos, snapshots, and debug insights

Aah, and we have a bonus: our 24/7 support team, which consists of friendly humans, can help you solve any issues and/or design your DevOps, CI/CD, or Testing strategy.

Selenium is a powerful test automation platform, yet it can take months to get some decent test automation carried out. Additionally, Selenium presents challenges such as the handling of pop-up windows, multi-tabs, iframes, dynamic elements locators, and useful reporting. All of these common Selenium challenges are fixed by MuukTest.

No, you can run MuukTest directly in the Muuk cloud from day 1 (actually, from minute 1). Even better, you can run the scripts in whatever environment works best for you: Cloud provider, local servers or VMs, or CI/CD providers.

Sure thing! We have a 24/7 customer service team with friendly humans that can be contacted at any time. You can use MuukTest’s live chat at any time or send us a message by email or slack.

MuukTest integrates with most DevOps and CI/CD providers (e.g. Jenkins, CircleCI, Git actions, Bit bucket, etc) as well as with defect and test management tools like Jira and TestRail. MuukTest has an API that can be used to enable any CI/CD pipeline (FYI: we can help your CI/CD get going!)

We build our own locators based on different object characteristics, therefore, they are robust and break far less often (and almost never break for React). However, in the event that they do break, we have a Smart Selectors feature that analyses your test and application and helps you fix dozens of broken tests in a couple of minutes.

MuukTest makes test automation effortless.

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Easy documentation & reporting

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