Get to 95% test coverage fast with our fully managed QA testing services  

Develop flawless software products without investing time and resources doing QA in-house. MuukTest brings its QA testing platform, process and people together so you can engineer high-quality Web, Mobile and API apps—fast and hassle-free.

Take QA and testing completely off your plate

What if you could wave a magic wand and get tests for everything your users interact with?

MuukTest’s QA-as-a-Service enables you to do just that with a speedy ramp-up to coverage.

Now you can scale your QA on-demand for a fixed monthly price based on the number of tests we design, manage and maintain for you on the MuukTest platform.

When you don’t have to divert your engineering resources to do software QA, you can focus on what really matters—developing a flawless product and user experience.

With reliable automated tests driving rapid feedback for your builds and deployments, all that stands in the way of shipping new features is how fast you can code them.


With MuukTest, we didn’t need to hire a new software engineer to test; we were able to design and automate 100s of tests from the first month, creating visibility in the quality of our software.


Manny Garcia

CTO at TravelWifi

Test Planning (2 Weeks)

We explore your product, user stories and documentation to prepare your test plan

We get on a call to discuss your product, development workflow and how we can customize our QA services and testing process for it.

A dedicated QA Engineer will then thoroughly explore your product and come up with a test plan prioritizing tests that drive the most value upfront.

Test Automation (6 Weeks)

We design & execute automated end-to-end and regression tests for your apps

We automate tests for your Web, Mobile and API apps as per our test plan—getting you to full regression coverage of all happy-path scenarios in just 8 weeks.

With uncapped executions and the ability to run your tests in parallel over the MuukTest cloud, you can test as often as you want without worrying about infrastructure costs.

Ongoing Testing

We reproduce & report every bug, maintain flaky tests and continue to expand coverage

MuukTest QA experts review & reproduce every bug before they flag them in your issue tracker with relevant artifacts. Flaky tests are isolated & fixed instead of being reported.

All this while, we continue exploring your product and adding a happy path and negative tests for both new and old functionality as required.

Get the control of doing QA in-house
with the ease of delegating it to pros

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You get full visibility

Monitor your coverage, test reports and overall QA progress with 24/7 access to the MuukTest dashboard.

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You’re never locked-in

Migrate away with test scripts compatible with leading software testing frameworks if you want to.

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We scale with you

Scale your testing with our flexible QA-as-a-Service, billed by the number of tests we manage for you.

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It’s effortless for you

Only commit 2 hours of your time per week to make sure everything stays on track.

Plug-and-play automation testing platform for your Web, Mobile and API apps

Automated testing with conventional testing frameworks takes tens of different tools to work together. And even after setting up and scripting your tests, you must invest engineering resources to manage & maintain them forever.

MuukTest lets you skip all this with its unified codeless test automation platform.

Now everyone on your team can create & execute resilient automated tests with our self-healing AI, hands-on support and test execution cloud bundled in.

With no testing drivers, libraries, scripts or servers to manage—MuukTest makes
it quick & easy to actually test your product.

MuukTest fits right into your workflow

MuukTest fits right into your development process by integrating with your CI/CD pipeline, bug reporting and test management tools.







Azure DevOps










MuukTest sped up our QA process by 5x while making it completely autonomous once we hooked it up to our CI/CD pipeline. All this while making maintenance and creation of new tests really easy.


 Andres Paez

CTO at Casai

Get your QA right with automated testing backed by human oversight

While automated tests are a great way to speed up your QA feedback loops, they are only as good as the people running them.

With ongoing exploration as a part of our software testing services, we keep your automated testing free of flakiness, false results and inadequate coverage.

Automated end-to-end testing

Although other types of testing, such as unit & integration testing, are crucial for building stable software, they are not enough on their own. Most modern apps contain multiple sub-systems, databases and third-party components. And E2E tests are the only way to test the functionality of your product as a whole.

End-to-End Testing Tool →

Automated regression testing

Regression testing ensures your app continues to work as expected every time its codebase undergoes changes. So they are meant to be run every time your app is updated, such as after bug fixes, code enhancements or the addition of new features—helping you catch bugs before they get expensive to fix.

Regression Testing Tool →

Manual exploratory testing

Several aspects of software QA require much more than pass/fail results to be meaningful. Validating user experience, unexpected user workflows and brand new features is beyond automatically performed testing. That’s why MuukTest QA experts validate your product from a real user’s perspective as well.

Exploratory Testing Services →

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have any other queries, feel free to contact us at

How long does it take to start testing with MuukTest?

It takes two weeks for us to prepare your test plan and 3 months in total to get you to 95% test coverage. However, we’ll automate high-value tests that drive immediate impact first, so you should have some of them to execute in as early as one month.

How does the risk-free pilot program work?

We offer a Proof of Concept for MuukTest’s abilities by automating 20 tests of your choice. You can challenge us with your trickiest user workflows, and we’ll come up with automated tests for it.

How do you scope out and create our test plan?

Based on your inputs and our exploration of your product and documentation, we’ll scope out all applicable testing scenarios for your app. We then plan, prioritize and outline your tests to cover how users use and interact with your app.


Once we’re done, you’ll get a test coverage matrix documenting all the tests we have planned.

How do you weed out flaky tests and false results?

Our QA experts rerun failed tests and reproduce bugs before reporting them to you. Flaky tests and false results are identified and addressed on the fly. And every time you update your app’s UI, we assess its impact to modify and add tests to accommodate the changes. Further, you can always ask us to look into tests that seem iffy.

How can we request coverage for new functionality?

You can request new coverage by pinging us on Slack or tagging MuukTest in your issue tracker with details of the update. If the update is live in development, staging or QA, you should share access for us to work on it. Rest assured, we continuously explore your product to add tests for both new and old functionality on our end.

What role does the MuukTest platform play in your service?

MuukTest QA experts design, manage and maintain all your tests on the MuukTest platform. You’ll get your own MuukTest account to monitor your coverage, test reports and overall QA progress—giving you complete visibility into everything we do.

The MuukTest platform builds upon test automation frameworks like Selenium, Playwright and Appium, augmenting them with powerful AI features that enable our software quality assurance services.

What if we already have in-house QAs?

We can set up your QA function from scratch or augment your in-house QAs to expand coverage fast while they focus on other high-value testing activities such as branch coverage and user acceptance. Either way, our QA experts will share their know-how of running tests on MuukTest so you can run yours, too. Because you have the option to take over your testing and use the MuukTest platform on your own once we get you to 95% coverage.

What’s the expertise and background of MuukTest?

MuukTest is a QA company focused on making automated testing quick & easy for agile development teams. Our fully managed testing solution combines the speed of our codeless testing platform with the expertise of our in-house testing teams.

Drawing on their experience leading development and QA teams at companies like Dell and IBM, Ivan and Renan co-founded MuukTest in 2019. We are a proud Techstars 2020 graduate supported by the National Science Foundation’s Small Business Innovation Research Program and Google for Startups’ Latino Founders Fund.

Ensure software quality at record speeds without the usual overhead

Ensure software quality at record speeds
without the usual overhead