QA Testing Services for Web, Mobile & APIs

MuukTest provides comprehensive QA Testing Services to ensure the quality of your web, mobile, and API applications.

Our QA as a Service (QAAS) solutions streamline the testing process, enabling you to prioritize your core business objectives. With our deep expertise in software testing and quality assurance, we assist you in delivering exceptional software products.

How does MuukTest’s QA Testing Services (QAAS) work?

Comprehensive Test Planning and Strategy

We analyze your product and documentation to prepare a testing plan tailored to your development process and setup.

  • Prioritize your end-to-end tests based on their overall risk and your development priorities

  • Test the way you want from your CI and DevOps tools with MuukTest’s flexible API and CLI

We design & execute end-to-end tests for your apps

Our QA experts design & execute automatic E2E tests for your Web, Mobile and API applications on the MuukTest platform.  

  • Deploy to production faster with confidence in the stability of your product and test suite.

  • Get to full regression coverage of all happy path scenarios in just 8 weeks.

We maintain & modify your automated tests and start exploratory testing

We continue to manage your tests and start exploratory and negative testing to further discover bugs and increase coverage.

  • Get to 95% test coverage within 3 months and then stay there as you grow

  • Validate your software works as your users expect it to from a real human perspective

Features that are a part of MuukTest's QA as a Service (QAAS)

Daily QA insights

Get daily and weekly QA reports with your quality score, testing summary, key metrics, and much more.

See where we stand

Of course, you can log in to your MuukTest account anytime to see how everything is going.

Understand why tests fail

Get to the root cause of every failure with instant Slack alerts, repro steps, error logs and bug recordings.

Take control of your QA

Stay on top of your project with our weekly touch base calls, and enjoy ongoing support through Slack.

What applications is MuukTest's QA as a Service (QAAS) compatible with?

Why choose MuukTest for software testing services?

MuukTest provides tailored QA services to meet your testing needs, ensuring that you get to market faster without sacrificing product quality.

With AI-powered speed, comprehensive testing for web, mobile, and APIs, and compatibility across platforms, MuukTest takes testing off your plate. Our seasoned experts are here to guide you, providing reliable and stable software testing.

But MuukTest is more than just a tool; we’re a partner in your success. Recognized by Techstars and backed by the National Science Foundation, our commitment to excellence aligns with your goals.

Let’s put those testing frustrations behind and focus on what really matters – delivering outstanding products that delight your users.

What are the benefits of using an QAAS?


By utilizing a QA as a Service (QAAS) model, you can avoid the expenses of establishing and maintaining an in-house QA infrastructure. This includes costs associated with hardware, software, and personnel, resulting in significant cost savings


QAAS provides the flexibility to scale your testing efforts according to project requirements. This ensures efficient resource allocation and the ability to adapt to changing needs, allowing you to maintain optimal testing coverage at all times.

Expertise and specialization

With a dedicated QA team and platform, MuukTest brings expertise and domain knowledge to the table. We have the necessary skills and experience to conduct comprehensive and effective testing, ensuring the highest level of quality for your applications

Frequently asked questions

What are software QA services?

Software quality assurance services involve a systematic approach to assess the quality and functionality of software applications using a wide range of testing techniques and methodologies. At MuukTest, our team of experienced QA experts applies industry-standard practices to validate your software’s functionality, user experience, security, and compatibility across various platforms and devices.


With the MuukTest platform, we enhance our testing capabilities and provide comprehensive testing solutions.

What is a QA as a Service (QAAS)?

QA as a Service (QAAS) is a solution that involves outsourcing software quality assurance activities to a specialized provider with expertise in software testing services.


At MuukTest, we offer QAAS to support organizations in their software testing needs. By partnering with us, you can tap into our extensive experience and resources to ensure the quality and reliability of your software applications.

Why are QA and testing important?

QA and testing are of utmost importance in the software development process. It plays a crucial role in delivering leading software products that meet and exceed customer expectations. By conducting applicable testing, we ensure that the software functions as intended meets the desired requirements, and provides a seamless user experience.


MuukTest team of QA experts identifies and addresses any bugs, glitches, or performance issues that may arise during the development cycle. By detecting and resolving these issues early on, we prevent potential disruptions, enhance the reliability of the software, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.


QA also helps uncover usability issues, ensuring that the software is intuitive and easy to navigate for end-users. By thoroughly testing user interfaces, workflows, and interactions, we optimize the usability of the software, resulting in a positive user experience and increased user engagement.


Additionally, QA plays a vital role in ensuring the security and stability of the software. By integrating testing, we identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, allowing us to implement robust security testing and safeguard sensitive data.

In summary, QA is essential for delivering functional, user-friendly, secure, and high-quality software products.

Ensure software quality at record speeds without the usual overhead

Ensure software quality at record speeds
without the usual overhead