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MuukTest’s AI-based Tool Interprets Test Automation for Stakeholders

Author: The MuukTest Team

Last updated: May 29, 2024

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MuukTest is launching TestXplainer, a generative AI tool that empowers everyone involved in QA by translating data into clear and simple test strategy information that is accessible to all. This tool will break down the language barrier between test automation and software stakeholders.




This trained AI tool receives an input of code from MuukTest’s AI-powered test automation platform in order to translate into a set of easy-to-follow steps, which provides customers clarity and transparency of the test cases. 

Customers will be able to perform exploratory testing or use our auto-test generation tools and get an outlined description of what is being tested, as well as the results.




Through the use of Generative AI, MuukTest will be the first automated QA testing platform to provide a simplified interpretation of test automation strategy in real time, setting a new standard for clarity and accessibility. Customers can log on to their MuukTest account to view this information. Users can use this to keep test designs up-to-date and have a test suite that is easily understandable.

With these tools, we intend to increase accessibility and collaboration towards software quality.



Benefits of TestXplainer

  • Clarity on Test Cases: This AI-backed tool provides an automatic “translation” into plain English of the automated tests being executed and what exactly is being tested. Customers can rest assured of being completely in the know of the entire process.
  • Exploratory Testing: Customers and users can execute exploratory tests and get immediate updated information detailing each of these automated test cases. 
  • One of Many: TestXplainer is just one in an entire toolkit of internal AI-based tools developed to improve MuukTest’s customer experience.


About MuukTest:

In 2019, Ivan and Renan co-founded MuukTest with a vision for an innovative yet human-centric solution. Their brainchild was a platform designed to democratize testing, providing software QA with one click for users of all backgrounds while offering the support of a dedicated team of experts.

Since its participation in the 2020 TechStars Kansas City Accelerator, MuukTest has garnered prestigious recognition. It secured a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, as well as a place in Google for Startups’ Latino Founders Fund for 2023.