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MuukTest’s AI-Powered Test Automation Platform Releases New Features

Author: The MuukTest Team

Last updated: June 10, 2024

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MuukTest is delighted to unveil new features to its already groundbreaking AI-powered test automation platform. This innovative system redefines the landscape of test automation services by incorporating AI, elevating software quality assurance to unprecedented heights.

As we believe that test automation should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their coding skills, our platform is designed to enable automation from the start easily.

Our automation platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for users to automate their testing processes and achieve swift results. Some customers reported being able to automate up to 20x faster compared to using tools like Selenium WebDriver on their own.

Among the recent offerings, there are core components and new features. So, let’s get a closer look at each of these.



MuukTest’s Core Components

In order to reach our promise of 95% end-to-end testing in three months, MuukTest combines the knowledge and experience of dedicated QAs along with an AI-powered test automation platform. While these aspects are already incredibly powerful in reaching test coverage, when combined, clients are able to get the most within a short span of time.


Test Automation Platform

MuukTest’s Test Automation Platform is compatible with mobile, web, and API applications and does not require users to have previous coding skills. This makes it accessible to users of varying technical abilities. Quality assurance professionals can swiftly design, manage, and maintain tests across different application types.


Dedicated QA Experts

As for our QA Testing Services, MuukTest offers companies the chance to work with seasoned QA experts. Working alongside these experts can free up time for internal QAs or engineering teams to focus on new features, or it can also be an option for firms that are not considering hiring an internal QA team. MuukTest’s QA experts craft bespoke testing strategies tailored to each business’s needs and execute them on the platform. With their platform expertise, they can achieve 95% test coverage in under three months, a feat that would typically take an in-house team at least six months.


New Features for AI-Powered Test Automation

The recently released features on MuukTest’s platform include the Automated Regression Testing Tool, the Exploratory Testing Tool, as well as End-to-End Testing Services:

  • Automated Regression Testing Tool: Our platform combines frameworks like Selenium, Playwright, and Appium with our proprietary AI features, such as self-healing, automatic waits, and more, to automate end-to-end tests at record speeds. Since MuukTest prioritizes user experience, users can be confident that they are following automated regression testing best practices when deploying our tools.
  • Exploratory Testing Tool: This tool is designed to streamline the testing process and assist users in achieving comprehensive test coverage. The Exploratory Testing Tool allows users to uncover hidden bugs, validate user experiences, and ensure the overall quality of the software.
  • End-to-End Testing Services: MuukTest doesn’t believe that customers need to choose between product velocity and quality. Our combined system allows companies to place their focus on their product rather than on their testing suite. MuukTest’s team sets up the QA function from scratch, and users can take over E2E testing if they wish.

Advantages of AI-Powered Test Automation

Rather than just adding AI as an enhancement, MuukTest’s AI-powered Test Automation Tool changes the way customers can interact and plan through their required testing. It provides a swifter and more complete testing strategy, thus ensuring higher-quality results. Some of the advantages of using AI include:

  • Automated Test Creation: The platform can autonomously generate and automate tests from the ground up, thereby freeing up valuable time for internal QA experts.
  • Efficient Test Maintenance: The system enables a reduction in test maintenance efforts by up to 75%, alleviating what is usually a cumbersome task.
  • Enhanced Strategy and Quality: MuukTest’s dedicated QAs can place their focus on formulating robust test strategies, identifying crucial bugs, and improving the product’s overall quality at an accelerated pace. The service also includes exploratory and negative testing to uncover additional bugs and expand test coverage.
  • Automated Reporting: The generation of test reports is entirely automated and expedited, offering detailed and actionable insights while saving time for the QA team.
  • AI Oversight: MuukTest’s dedicated QA experts, as well as the customers’ internal QA teams, have the ability to monitor the AI’s performance, provide evaluations, and contribute constructive feedback for platform improvement.
  • Product-Centric Approach: Businesses can direct their attention towards product development, as the platform takes care of all testing frameworks, libraries, and scripts.

About MuukTest

Established in 2019 by co-founders Ivan and Renan, MuukTest aims to make testing accessible and straightforward for users from all walks of life, backed by a continuous support team of QA experts. MuukTest gained significant recognition following its participation in the 2020 TechStars Kansas City Accelerator. The company has also received a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Programme and is part of the Google for Startups’ 2023 Latino Founders Fund.