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Software Testing

testing legacy code

The Best Approaches for Testing Legacy Code

When we think about the word “legacy”, we often think about images of thousands of years old scripts that are encrypted in some unreadable language. So what about “legacy code” then? Are we talking...

Functional Testing: A Clear and Concise Guide

Functional Testing: A Clear and Concise Guide

As the name suggests, functional testing refers to the process of testing a software product’s features and how they respond to user interaction. Functional testing helps testing and development...

Software Testing

Software Testing: A Clear and Concise Guide

Software testing is an integral part of the development process. It’s how developers ensure a software product works as it should before launching it.

smoke testing

Smoke Testing: A Field Guide

Smoke testing is a quick, high-level test to confirm the basic functionality of an application. The name comes from the concept of checking for smoke in a hardware test to ensure the electronics...

software testing documentation

The Importance of Documentation in Software Testing Practices

Quality Assurance (QA) is an essential part of any Software Development process. Software testers perform various tasks to test the entire application or the software components.

Test Coverage vs Code Coverage

Test Coverage vs Code Coverage: A Comparative Analysis

We constantly run around the quality outdoors without understanding internal factors that contribute to the quality of the code. In Software Development, ensuring the quality of code is of utmost...

end to end test coverage

End-to-end Test Coverage: How Much Testing Is Enough?

How to know when you’ve done enough testing? Shouldn’t it be pretty easy to spot? Some say to stop testing once you stop finding bugs. Others will suggest stopping when all the tests have been...

testing b2b applications

Challenges and Solutions That Can Arise when Testing B2B Applications

B2B applications are those that enhance and facilitate business-to-business collaboration. These specialized software solutions improve productivity, streamline processes, and enable easy...

test coverage techniques

A Guide to Test Coverage Techniques and Best Practices

In a previous post focused on the basics of test coverage, we talked about why it’s an essential aspect of software testing to achieve these goals. This time, we’ll be putting the spotlight on test...

Web App Testing

User-Friendly Accessible Applications Through Web App Testing

There’s a great quote from James Whittaker that says, ”A tester is a translator between the developer and the customer.” In today’s digital and competitive world, the Internet is an integral and...