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Afsal Backer

Afsal Backer is a test automation engineer with experience in building UI and API test automation frameworks, implementing CI pipelines for QA, and test execution in AWS. He has certifications from Test Automation University. Afsal often shares on his LinkedIn and blog.

what makes a good test plan

What Makes a Good Test Plan?

In the intricate world of software development, the creation of a robust testing plan is not just a step but a pivotal foundation for ensuring project success and product quality. A comprehensive and...

Integrating Custom Test Attributes in HTML for Test Automation

Integrating Custom Test Attributes in HTML for Test Automation

In the realm of web development, ensuring that applications not only meet their functional requirements but are also robust and bug-free is paramount. Test automation frameworks like Cypress,...

browserstack automate

BrowserStack Automate vs BrowserStack Live: Which Works Best for Your Requirements

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, ensuring the functionality and compatibility of web applications across various browsers and devices is paramount. To achieve this, developers and QA...

regression testing tools

A Comprehensive Comparison of Regression Testing Tools

Tools for managing regression testing play a vital role in streamlining and organizing the testing process for software development teams. With a plethora of options available, it can be overwhelming...

value of test automation

How to Measure the Business Value of Test Automation

Test automation is a key element of software development that aids in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing processes. It allows businesses to reduce manual efforts, increase...

selenium automation testing framework

Why You Should Try Selenium Automation Testing Framework

When it comes to running tests, managing test data, and using those results to improve software quality, automation surely makes things simpler if you compare it to its counterpart, manual testing....

Playwright vs Cypress

Playwright vs. Cypress: Key Differences

Playwright and Cypress are two popular end-to-end testing frameworks used for web application testing. Playwright is a newer, open-source tool developed by Microsoft, while Cypress was developed as...

playwright vs selenium

Playwright vs. Selenium: 13 Key Differences Between Both Frameworks

When trying to find the best web-based applications for software testing, how do you select the best one? Although perhaps you’re considering hiring an external team for QA services, you’d still need...

how does playwright work

Introduction to Playwright Testing

When you pick a test automation tool for your project, what are the most important features you look for?