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Enrique De Coss

Enrique A. Decoss is a Quality Strategist with a focus on automation testing teams. A certified Scrum Master, Tricentis Tosca Certified Automation Architect, and Pythoneer, he focuses on web programming, implementing API testing strategies, as well as different methodologies and frameworks. Enrique is currently at FICO but can be found sharing his knowledge on LinkedIn and Twitter.

building testability in software engineering

5 Characteristics of Testability in Software Engineering

Testers often recognize one crucial flaw during the testing process: a lack of testability in software engineering. Sometimes, we need to design our test cases without a clear idea of how to start...

qa roles and responsibilities in software testing

QA Roles and Responsibilities in Software Testing

There’s been an increased demand for several roles related to Quality Assurance (QA) such as Quality Assurance Engineers (QAE), Automation Testers, Software Developers in Test (SDT or SDET),...

traditional to modern qa

From Traditional to a Modern Software Quality Assurance

When referring to the crucial functions of any organization to create a culture robust such as diffusion of quality philosophy, quality mindset, and group cohesion, we realize the obstacles in making...

software test automation

Exploring Software Test Automation: Benefits for Testers

When we talk about test automation, we should consider it as part of testing itself; we know the existence of functional testers and automation testers (You can read about SDETs, SET, DevTest, and...

software testing skills

Must-Have Software Testing Skills for Solo Testers

Have you ever found yourself serving as the only tester on a project? Do you perform functional testing, test automation (frontend and backend), and performance testing? Do you wonder about the value...

qa functional testing

QA Functional Testing in the Era of Codeless Testing

In Agile/DevOps, as new products emerge, new companies appear, and new features are delivered faster. Regular testing is essential, but it requires several steps, consuming much time needed for...