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smoke testing

Smoke Testing: A Field Guide

Smoke testing is a quick, high-level test to confirm the basic functionality of an application. The name comes from the concept of checking for smoke in a hardware test to ensure the electronics...

April 21, 2024

software testing documentation

The Importance of Documentation in Software Testing Practices

Quality Assurance (QA) is an essential part of any Software Development process. Software testers perform various tasks to test the entire application or the software components.

April 21, 2024

Test Coverage vs Code Coverage

Test Coverage vs Code Coverage: A Comparative Analysis

We constantly run around the quality outdoors without understanding internal factors that contribute to the quality of the code. In Software Development, ensuring the quality of code is of utmost...

April 21, 2024

Automated Testing Strategy

Best Practices & Recommendations for Automated Testing Strategy

Almost all companies are looking to improve the QA Testing Process and expect faster delivery of the product. The key element to achieve this is preparing the right strategy. An automated testing...

April 21, 2024

a11y testing

Moving Toward Accessibility: How to Get Buy-in to Include A11Y Testing

As a company how many times does the word accessibility come into our strategies and project planning? According to AbilityNet, “90% of websites are inaccessible to people with disabilities who rely...

April 21, 2024

test planning

What Goes First? The Basics of Test Planning and Prioritization

Confidence in quality becomes a top priority in the fast-paced sector of software development, where quick innovation and strict deadlines conflict. The effectiveness of testing depends on a...

April 21, 2024

end to end test coverage

End-to-end Test Coverage: How Much Testing Is Enough?

How to know when you’ve done enough testing? Shouldn’t it be pretty easy to spot? Some say to stop testing once you stop finding bugs. Others will suggest stopping when all the tests have been...

April 21, 2024

browserstack automate

BrowserStack Automate vs BrowserStack Live: Which Works Best for Your Requirements

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, ensuring the functionality and compatibility of web applications across various browsers and devices is paramount. To achieve this, developers and QA...

April 21, 2024

increase customer satisfaction

How Testing Can Increase Customer Satisfaction and Avoid Reputational Slips

A key question companies ask themselves is how to increase customer satisfaction. It’s not just about releasing new features and updates but also avoiding bugs. Customers are unforgiving when it...

April 21, 2024