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software quality with user feedback

Enhancing Software Quality: Harnessing the Power of User Feedback

The work of Jerry Weinberg cannot be ignored when speaking of quality. Jerry defined quality as value to someone who matters. When he said who matters, he meant the customer or end user. It’s...

April 21, 2024

value of test automation

How to Measure the Business Value of Test Automation

Test automation is a key element of software development that aids in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing processes. It allows businesses to reduce manual efforts, increase...

April 21, 2024

test coverage techniques

A Guide to Test Coverage Techniques and Best Practices

In a previous post focused on the basics of test coverage, we talked about why it’s an essential aspect of software testing to achieve these goals. This time, we’ll be putting the spotlight on test...

April 21, 2024

ai in test automation

Benefits and Challenges of Incorporating Tools Powered by AI in Test Automation

The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years has transformed several industries, including software testing. AI-powered test automation solutions have had a tremendous impact...

April 21, 2024

Web App Testing

User-Friendly Accessible Applications Through Web App Testing

There’s a great quote from James Whittaker that says, ”A tester is a translator between the developer and the customer.” In today’s digital and competitive world, the Internet is an integral and...

April 21, 2024

test coverage

Test Coverage: What It Is and What You Should Know

As a software tester, one of the main goals of our work is to ensure that the software being tested is high quality, runs smoothly, and meets the requirements of the end-users. Test coverage is an...

April 21, 2024

Requirement Traceability

Requirement Traceability and the Benefits and Solutions it Provides

Requirement traceability is a key aspect of software development that enables organizations to ensure that the final product aligns with the initial requirements. This process entails tracking the...

April 21, 2024

freelance software testers

The Challenges of Hiring Freelance Software Testers

The fast pace of invention and development in the modern technological world is unparalleled, with new technologies constantly developing and appearing. Variables such as improved computer...

April 21, 2024

API Testing

Why a Successful API Testing Strategy Leads to Software Expectations

When working with machine learning, smartphone development, and web development, businesses are more likely to employ application programming interfaces (APIs), as these allow developers to...

April 21, 2024