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Test Maintenance

Why Automated Testing is Essential for Test Maintenance

Software test maintenance is a large part of the development process, as tests require regular maintenance and updates (manually or with automation) to ensure quality. Automation tools for...

April 21, 2024

software negative testing

Protecting and Proving Software Strength Through Negative Testing

When it comes to our work as software testers, our goal should always be to ensure that the software we test is of the highest quality, meeting the requirements and expectations of the end users. In...

April 21, 2024

chatgpt for test automation

Revolutionizing Test Automation with the Power of ChatGPT

By now, most of us have heard of ChatGPT to some extent. This intelligent computer, that can communicate with people and comprehend what they say, has taken the world by storm. It’s not just the tech...

April 21, 2024

in house qa teams

How In-house QA Teams Can Work With Outsourced Testing Services

How can In-house QA teams work alongside freelancers or outsourced testing services? Is there a chance that there will be resentment, confusion, or just an overlap of work? In this blog we’ll look at...

April 21, 2024

software test maintenance techniques

Software Test Maintenance [Checklist & Techniques]

Hello there, in the last blog, we discussed the fundamentals of test maintenance. Test maintenance is a vital, yet often overlooked, activity in any software development life cycle. There are many...

April 21, 2024

Playwright vs Cypress

Playwright vs. Cypress: Key Differences

Playwright and Cypress are two popular end-to-end testing frameworks used for web application testing. Playwright is a newer, open-source tool developed by Microsoft, while Cypress was developed as...

April 21, 2024

testing unreleased software products

Putting Your Best Foot Forward: A Guide to Testing Unreleased Software Products

Testing unreleased software products can be a challenging task for any development team. These products are unique in that they have not yet been released to the public and therefore have not...

April 21, 2024

what is exploratory testing

What is Exploratory Testing?

Do you get tired of following strict scripts when testing software? Do you want to break free from the monotony of repetitive tasks and embrace the joy of discovering deep hidden treasures of...

April 21, 2024

test maintenance

The Introductory Guide to Software Test Maintenance

What is Software Test Maintenance? Developers don’t usually talk about Software Test Maintenance unless something terrible happens. During our Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) phases, we often...

April 21, 2024